Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rain or Shine

Hopefully you guys like the changes to the site. Many of you would be right to question the terrestrial toad displayed prominently on your background... Yes, I know, the toad is probably the least "Creeker" of all possible Pennsylvania amphibians. In fairness, there aren't that many blog templates that capture the wildlife of streams. We will leave that to you creek campers...

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out the links that were added to the right of this post. Much of the information on those websites will freshen your memory regarding stream life, and for those of you coming from other countries, it's a good source of information on the watershed you will be exploring. Don't think of it as homework, more as a head start that will make the trip more enjoyable.

Finally, I wanted to open up suggestions to former creekers and camp counselors on a topic our leaders brought up early this summer: What activities would be good backups if the weather doesn't cooperate? Hopefully, this effort won't be necessary, but it's always good to be prepared.


Patti said...

Zach...nice job on the blog! I LOVE the toad picture. Looking forward to seeing you all during week 2. Here's to fair weather and great fun!!

RiverQuest Education said...

The blog looks great! I hope that I can get the RiverQuest blog looking half as good. Love that frog!