Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pirating New Gold

Remember back when you were a little tyke and you went searching for buried treasure? Well now there is a new way to find actual buried treasure. We are not talking about raiding a yacht and threatening a crew with force to get their goods, we are talking about a little thing called Geocaching. You don't need money and an earring to go find gold. All you need is a GPS device, so you can find a special container with goods in it.

We started off our journey into the high woods...and along the way we faced many dangers. From poisonous plants to man-eating bugs, we faithfully followed our GPS. It made us travel through the darkest parts of the woods, straight into deep mud, and had us fight blood-sucking mosquitoes! Because of the help we got from pirates, we were able to come to the final obstacle and claim our prize! But we forgot about the final challenge...we had to sacrifice something in order to claim our gold. Through life changing events, we made our decision and collected our treasure.


Aggie2 said...

What was the sacrafice? An arm, a leg, a shoe?????

SV22 said...

What was the sacrifice? Hopefully not a "creeker". LOL

Anonymous said...

What was the final prize.......cortisone cream for the mosquito bites or a nice tall starbucks vanilla skinny latte decaf:: haha