Friday, July 25, 2008

Vine Farm

Well Creek Connections took us to Vine Farm yesterday and we got the chance to see many things. When we arrived we were introduced by the Vines, Dave and Jess. After that Dave took us to see the animals Dave and Jess kept on the farm. They had a donkey, some chickens, a goat and two alpacas. When we walked to the chicken coop one of the chickens was laying some eggs. After that, Dave took us to see the various vegetables they grow. I tasted a purple bean and it was delicious. I got to taste some lettuce too. Then we got to see the many different potatoes they grow such as, the golden potatoe, the blue potatoe, and huckleberry. The blue potatoe is really purple but they looked pretty. After we saw that, they took us around to the back of the farm and we got to see the apple tree and the creek that ran behind their land. We got to see the different kind of berry bushes they harvest and they harvest mushrooms as well. When we arrived back to where the van was parked, Jess had made us some cookies and unsweetened ice tea. I loved that farm it was really fun. Its a farm I would definiately visit again.

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