Friday, July 25, 2008

Into the Ravine

After successfully aquiring the pirate treasures, our group faced our greatest obstacle yet, the ravine. Here is where slimy, gooey, and man eating lizzards live. We started our journey on a path and followed it until we successfully got past the man eating plants and bugs. When we got to our destination, we set out on a search for the world's most dangerous animal, the salamander. To find these crazy buggers, you had to search through rocks on and off the stream. You never knew what you were going to find under these rocks. Sometimes you were lucky, but other times you weren't. After finding the salamanders you had to capture them and put them into a cup for analysis. We would show our findings to one of the leaders who would identify the specimen. Then you had to let them go or they would die. After struggling through this ravine we were able to make it out and move on to our next destination..... The horrors of eating the next meal!

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