Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Canoe Trip

Today we canoed on Lake Pymatuning with the sun in the sky and the wind blowing strong. Originally we were to canoe on French Creek, however, the water level was too high and the location was changed. Our guide, Brian, showed several aquatic plants such as duckweed and different species of lily pads.
Afterwards we paddled across part of the lake to an island were we ate a great lunch and swam . Even though it was supposed to rain the weather was beautiful but the wind made it difficult to paddle efficiently.


SV22 said...

even here in Butler County - it's been a weird weather day - dark skies, rain and then beautiful sunshine. Much cooler though - thankfully!

Memo said...

So the French Creek still has high water level.. we had the same problems last week!!! but canoeing in a lake is probably the same... :)

laura said...

Canoeing in the lake is quite different than on the creek... but equally fun and beautiful.