Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Electrifying Experience!

Today, we spent the better half of our Tuesday morning shocking fish. Now I know your thinking, "What in the WORLD were they doing!". We decided that we would send spurts of pure electricity into the water to stun the fish. Believe me, it is completely safe for the fish. Derek Smith, a fish shocking expert, started the wave. We slipped, quite literally, our way up and down the upper part of Woodcock Creek. We had to wear hipwaders to keep us excited campers safe. Despite some accidents, *ahem Waist High D'Ann ahem*, it was pretty succesful. We identified around eleven different species of fish. We almost caught a big fish, but it slipped through our fingers. Overall, it was a very shocking experience for all. Some caught many fish and some kissed a crayfish. Everyone had a STUNNING time!


Memo said...

some of our fish died last time but thats part of the adventure, also some of the big ones escaped! :)

bella said...

What types of fish did you find?