Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Swimming in a Lake

Today while we were on our canoe trip we decided to stop on a sandy beach for lunch. After we had all eaten we decided to go swimming. At first only a few people went in, but as time went on everyone got in . . . except Laura. Then we played Jackpot in the water. It is a game where someone throws a ball or other object and calls out points from 1-10 thousand or Jackpot. Whoever gets to 10 thousand first gets to through next. It would have been easier if we didnt have to wear life jackets and water shoes. But we had fun though with lots of fighting. As we left we were all soaked and were ready to continue on our adventure


SV22 said...

Were all the water lilies open when you were there? Any giant lily pads?? Those are awesome.

Memo said...

When you have lunch in such a nice place, the food tastes better!!

bella said...

How high is the lake? Did you see any waterfowl?

laura said...

There were a few different types of water lilies on the lake... one with very large leaves.
You're right... lunch always tastes better in a beautiful place. :)
We saw great blue herons, TWO bald eagles, some kingfishers, some wood ducks and a few other kinds of ducks (they were flying and difficult to identify). It was a great day!