Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Water Chemistry and Macroinvertabrates Part II

Today morning it was just another time doeing Water Chemistry and a Macro Hunt again. But this time upon the Woodcock Creek Dam. The chemical test and the way of catching Macros were the same as downstream. But it seemd to be different results. More species were found downstream so the Pollution Tolerance Index (PTI) was better there.


buzzbizz said...

Any pictures?

Aggie2 said...

What is a Pollution Tolerance Index?

Creeker said...

Some of the macroinvertebrates found in streams are pollution sensitive, so they can only be found in very healthy streams while others are pollution tolerant, so they can live in unhealthy streams. If the pollution sensitive species are found then you know your stream is a healthy one.

RiverQuest Education said...

Hold on to these new skills! We'll be replicating some of these same assessments in the urban waterways around Pittsburgh next week. (Are the rivers of Pittsburgh healthy...or not? We'll find out.)

PS. Wish we were there!

The Crew at RiverQuest