Monday, July 18, 2011

Allegheny Admissions

Today we scrambled into the cafe for our usual lunch feasting. But instead of sitting at 'our table' they told us to go wait in the lobby! After a sad disappointment from the absense of ice cream we went upstairs to avoid the downpour outside. They bustled us into a comference room. We ate in silence (manly because Mark wasnt around to entertain us with his 'typical' self), until a lady came in with apologies of her lateness. Turns out she was here to talk about the travel through the college search and the greatness of Allegheny college! We all screamed in excitement! (we could barely handle our excitement, but we held it together because of the 'intenseness' of this comference room). She let us fill out forms and she even let us go around and discuss our answers on our forms! After hearing about parents being difficult with letting there kids decide their college, I briefly discribed my moms interest in college visits and SAT's and she said, 'she'd get along well with my mom'. It was so much fun I didnt even want to leave! But we all need to move on sometime, so we lifted up our folders and trugged out of the room. With sadness stretched across our faces...

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