Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Owl Outing

Monday night we visited the local cemetery with Professor Mumme in search for owls. The most common owl that we were looking for was a Barred Owl. They're a medium sized owl that makes a very unique screech. Many people say it sounds like they're saying, "Who cooks for you, Who cooks for you all." When we found a site that had perfect conditions for the Barred Owl we played a recording of their screech. We were out there for some time before we finally heard the hoot of a young (teen) Barred Owl. Their call is different from their parents, it's more of a high pitched screech. After listening to him or her for awhile we discovered that there were two adolescent owls. We listened and called to them; trying to get them to come out so we can see them, but after awhile we had to give up and go home. But we were all still very excited that we got to hear the young owls. And learn a lot about different species of owls living in the area.


Tammy said...

Oh bummer, I wished they would have come out for you all to see them.

Anonymous said...

What a shame, but really who DOES cook for you all?