Monday, July 11, 2011

Woodcock Dam Tour

Woodcock Dam Tour

This Monday afternoon, students from Creek Camp were invited to tour Meadville's Woodcock Dam and its surrounding reservior with Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Joe Arnett. Joe was more than happy to share his information regarding the dam's history as well as its operational procedures. The dam, constructed between the years 1971 and 1973, cost $18 million to create. However, it is estimated that the dam has saved well over $36 million in future property damage. We had also learned that the purpose of this particular dam was to address the issues of low flow augmentation, navigation, flow control, and recreation. In addition, the dam also addresses the environmental concerns prevalent in the diverse French Creek Wateshed. Overall, the tour was very informative and essential to the success of the Creek Camp research project


Anonymous said...

Wow! 18 million dollars was a ton of money in 1971. But obviously, it was worth the expense to save double that in property damages.

Tammy said...

I googled the first dam...1st Dynasty Egypt by Pharoh Menes...wonder if there was a cost besides slave labor. Even then it was created to protect property from water damage.