Monday, July 18, 2011

Water Chemistry! (:

Today when we got up, we headed to the Woodcock Creek. We were located downstream below the Woodcock Dam in Stainbrook Park! While there, we tested water quality. This required testing the pH, turbidity, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids (tds), temperature, nitrogen, and phosphorus levels. Before getting to the stream, we came together as a team and discussed what we thought the differences in the above tests would be from upstream to downstream. To ensure we were getting accurate results, we took two samples of the water and we did each test twice. We took the two samples at the same time and in roughly the same spot. We divided up into groups of two and performed the tests. Each test came with a colorful sheet that held the directions. When going through the test, we followed this sheet religiously!!! We had to be certain that we did the test to the best of our ability because the results will be used in our final project! (: (:

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Megan M. said...

Good job campers. Looks like good science at work. :)