Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stars! :)

Last night we went to the Newton Observatory which was on the Allegheny College campus. We took lots of pictures when we were walking there and it was so fun! When we got to the observatory, the owner led us up to a room with a round roof and a very large, antique telescope. He showed us how it worked and moved, and we even got to see Saturn through it! It was amazing because it did not look real. It just looked like someone put a sticker on the telescope. Most of us had never seen Saturn that close, so it was pretty exciting. Then, we went out onto the deck and watched for satellites. As it got darker, more and more stars started appearing in the sky. We were all glad it was a clear night because we could see so many stars! We also learned about constellations and star names! It was a very relaxing night to just lay down with friends and gaze at the stars!!

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