Friday, July 22, 2011

Hellbender Grabbin'!

Yesterday we went hellbender hunting. The second rock we picked up contained an Eastern hellbender. They told us they were slimy, but i didnt expect them to be that slimy. It got away and after Ben caught a hellbender Mark went on a rampage to find one. He said we wouldnt leave without one. Mark saw one swim between his legs, but was busy supporting the big rock. We spent like 15 minutes searching for that large critter. Mark said, "We're gonna scope until we cant scope no more". So thats what we did, scope. Finally, Mark spotted it. Staring straight at me in the open water. I stared it back, hard. We had this intense like cowboy in a field 'only room for one of us' look for like 5 minutes! Then I took one step and was just like TAKEDOWN! I grabbed that critter by the neck like it was chocolate cake! Throw that sucker in the net and the rest was history. Everyone was like, "Woo" and I was all, "That's right, told you I got this". Ben may have caught the first, but I saw the first and caught the last and the LARGEST! How you like them apples, Ben? Jeez I ate so many apples this week...alrighty well Im gonna go. Fun day...

-Wildfire Wilson

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